Curse of the Witch – Part 3

Zahir is now taken the right opportunity to be the hero of our story. Sara in his lap, Zahir is trying to wake her up spilling water on her face. Feeling sad what is happening with Sara?

Sara woke up with a loud scream still not recovered from the shock of what that old woman did; Zahir consoles her “Sara calm down! I am here” Zara turns her head to see the old woman and she is about to bite her.

Sara pushes Zahir and got up and started yelling “Get away from me!” Zahir stood their blank. He is now confused what he did. Everyone in office is staring at Sara.

Sara in a few seconds realizing it is Zahir she pushed and screamed, she immediately broke and says “Zahir! I i am so sorry, I I I didn’t know wha what happened, I am so sorry” Zahir realized Sara is panic he hugs her and tried to calm her down “Calm down Sara, its okay! We all are here”.

The entire office is now looking at both of them, Zahir looking at everyone to get back to their work and he will take care of her. Some fellow colleagues winking and passing comment on him “Yeah yeah he will take care of his honey. Let’s get back to work.” Zahir looked at them and signaled “Shhhhh! She is upset”.

Zahir takes Sara for a cup of tea. Sara stood their silent for a while, recalling what happened in few minutes. The old woman the black knife she checked herself and there is nothing. Zahir asked “what happened?”

“I don’t know, all I remember is giving back her petition and… a lot happened. I don’t want to talk about it now”

Zahir replied “Nothing happened, you just collapsed what did you had this morning?” Sara looked at Zahir for a moment and says “Nothing”

Now he became a doctor without a MBBS and found why she collapsed, is it a rule🤔 when no breakfast and you are 100% eligible to collapse.🙄

He replied “See that is why you collapsed, it was funny when you alarmed when the old woman entered, didn’t know you were that weak to collapse, you must not skip ur breakfast” Sara was silent during the entire conversation.

Zahir is blank for not getting any response from Sara thinking himself “alright, something is very wrong!” Tea has come he gave a cup of tea to Sara “Hey! Are you okay? Have this cup of tea”.

Sara now coming back from the zoned out phase reaction “Yeah! Getting better” She started to sip the cup of tea.

She felt something greasy in her mouth and looked at her tea cup the tea is now full of live black worms.

Sara drops the tea cup and spit the tea she had and started to cough repeatedly. Zahir stood up and holds Sara and patted in her back.

Sara’s heart beating loud and panic she is now looking at floor it is just tea.

Sara looked at Zahir and says ‘I’m sorry I have to go home”

Sara quickly started walking to her parking. Zahir running behind her fast “Hey Sara! Let me drive!” Sara is not listening to him and walking out fast.

Our smart Zahir runs back inside the office and get backs to the parking lot using back door and reach Sara car before she come there. The moment she unlocks the car Zahir is inside on driver seat.

Sara the fast she came she opened the door and found Zahir and alarmed and screamed “Ahhh! Oh my god! When did you come?”

Zahir smiled at her “Let me drive” She throws her keys to him smiling got inside the car. He said “Uh hah! Now she is smiling”

She hit him in the arms “Stop it! drop me home, driver! Zahir smiled back “huh huh…. Sure Madame”

Sara was looking at her mobile and laughing at jokes at social media, Zahir looked at her “hey! Keep that mobile aside for a minute. Look at ur eyes. You look sick!

Can I take you to hospital?” Sara face is now serious and she is now replying with a double tone “NO!” Zahir alarmed with her tone now and driving silently he keeps moving his eyeballs to Sara to know what she is doing.

Sara looked right side of her car window and looking at the road and people passing by. Zahir turns on the radio to tune some love songs and trying to calm her down with songs.

She is finding a black figure that is been following along with the car. Sara suddenly turns her head towards the road and slowly turns her head and she finds the black shadow been following, Her heart beat raising and panicking Sara now called him “Zahir…!”

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Will post the next part soon.

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15 thoughts on “Curse of the Witch – Part 3

  1. Black worms in tea cup😳 Now it’s getting more horrific. Actually I love to read horror stories and this one is going fantastic 👍 Next part ( be soon)

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