Curse of the Witch – Part 2


The deep husky voice of the old woman called Sara, Sara startled and replied “Hi mam, Please take your seat” She looked at Zahir he couldn’t stop his smile seeing her startled, She looked at him like burning him alive. Zahir put his head down.

With a warm smile she asked “How may I help you?” anyone who doesn’t need help may ask help to her smile a charming beauty.

The old woman searched her bag took the slip from her last visit and gave it to Sara. She opened the slip to find the request about the petition for supportive funds from government to the old aged people.

Sara informed the old woman to wait for some time. Stood up and entered her boss Cabin. The old woman was sitting like a statue murmuring something in her mouth. Anyone who looks at her will surely ask what is wrong with her.

After about few minutes, Sara came out from her boss room. She looked disturbed, came out from her boss room she took her seat. She made a fake smile now which is not charming at all; she replied “Mam, I’m sorry to tell you the funds that supposed to credit into your account were cancelled”

The old woman stopped murmuring. She turned her eyes from nowhere to Sara and asked “What do you mean?” Sara replied “I’m sorry to tell you mam, the funds that supposed to credit into your account was cancelled, I’m sorry I can’t help you”
The old woman is silent now. The entire office is silent only the noise of keyboards

Old woman looked at her palms for some time and she kept both palms together, closed her eyes she asked with a husky voice “Sara! I beg, first time in my life; I will die of cancer if I didn’t get this support from government, Help me!”

Sara felt pity for this old woman but she is in no position to help her she replied “I’m sorry mam, i tried everything I could, but it wasn’t approved, the entire funds that supposed to come to your village is not received, I’m sorry”.

The old lady stopped begging and said, now in a serious tone “So you want me to die? Like this?” now this time Sara frightened and feeling uncomfortable with her question. The old woman tried to hold sara’s hand, but her creepy discoloured nails and wrinkled tattooed hands made Sara to step back, She replied “It’s ok” with a disgusting look on her face.

The old woman replied “You disgust me?” this time the old woman voice is more serious.

She turned her eyes to security for help. They came and asked “you need help mam?” Sara replied “Yes, Would be grateful if you kindly help the mam to go home.”

The old woman looked at the security with a poor glassy eyes, the security felt pity for the woman they stopped for few seconds. The old woman turned her eyes to Sara and looked deep inside Sara’s eye; everything is frozen around Sara, except her eyeballs.

In a flash the old woman stood next to Sara.

Sara in her seat motionless and not understanding what is happening around her. She felt like watching a movie as everything around her froze including herself but she can only rotate her eyeballs.

Panic Sara is now sweating and her heart beat is now can be heard outside now but she couldn’t do anything but froze. Her eyeballs moved to Zahir direction but no use.As everything is frozen around her, she turned her eyes to security but no use.

Now this is happening in slow motion, Old woman took a small black knife looked at sky murmured some slogans and shoved inside her chest. Sara’s eyes literally came out in pain she could feel the knife tear her skin and keep on penetrating inside of her, the uncontrollable pain and tears rolling down from Sara’s eyes she is screaming from inside but everything is frozen.

The Old woman in a flash, she is back to the same place when the time froze. She smiled at Sara for the first time in a second her face become normal again, Time unfroze again.

Out of pain, all the controlled pain bursting out at one time, Sara screaming and fall back with her chair her head hitting straight to the tiled floor, Sara is now unconscious.

Zahir quickly out from his seat to help Sara and the entire office is now around Sara.
The old woman without a reaction kept murmuring something and slowly walking outside, no one noticed her disappearing into a black smoke.

Will share the next part soon.

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18 thoughts on “Curse of the Witch – Part 2

  1. This is good Simon 👍 loved the narration and pace and this old lady is scary but first you made us sympathize with her so let’s wait for the next part 😊 well done 👍

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  2. The description is amazing. The way you wrote that time froze and what happened after that is too good😊 I am waiting for the next part 💖

    Liked by 1 person

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