Life lesson Version 3 – Stay Humble !


I’ve been observing people, kids who are so proud of who they are and what they are, unsure about their future but their attitude towards others is what made me to make this topic.

Are you proud of who you are now?

Yes it is… and….


You know why?

This stop is for people whose conceit % is high.

In simple words….

Exactly !

People are so good at praising themselves. What ever they are wherever they are and who ever they are talking with. Their only intention is to praise themself.

Take examples

You know who I am, Who my father is, Dont you dare touch me, I can do anything.

You know what my position is, How can you sit in front of me, i can make your life miserable.

I don’t like self marketing, But you know last year i came university first my dad was so proud of me and brought me an XUV

You know my son is super rich and successful in his business because he obeyed me and I taught him business

I just got a corporate opportunity im going to invest in real estate and show this people who i really am.

These examples may look classic, Honestly beleive me there are people who still behaves like that.

For all the above, Oh Come on !!!!

Yes, Isnt it dramatic? 🧐 and there is no good to talk here!

What they really do? This is not just simple examples. There are lot more people compare themself with others and be proud that they are better.

They literally hurt others. And one more thing they behave so brainless.

People should teach their kids to be humble even if they are super rich or super poor. Stay humble all the time.

Bragabout goodness, If you participated in a war, Proudly tell your army life stories and inspire the kids to join in one.

Make yourself as a living inspiration. If you don’t know what you are taking, Talk to the mirror you may realise it is a junk of garbage or magic spells.

Inspire, Motivate, Encourage others and stay humble.


People will never forget how you made them feel..

There is a wise saying,

Count your Blessings by staying humble human being and be a living inspiriration.

Thanks for reading.✨🤗

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20 thoughts on “Life lesson Version 3 – Stay Humble !

  1. Very good post Simon!!
    Really people are today so self centered that they think that other people are inferior.
    “Talk to the mirror you may realise it is a junk of garbage or magic spells.
    Inspire, Motivate, Encourage others and stay humble.” Love this👌👌❤️
    Quote was really very good

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  2. Great post.
    There is an old country song that says, “It’s hard to be humble”, “when you’re perfect in every way.” Of course, few people actually think they’re perfect in every way. But it can still be pretty hard to be humble, especially if you live in a society that encourages competition and individuality. Yet even in such a culture, humility remains an important virtue. Learning to be humble is of paramount importance in most spiritual traditions, and humility can help you develop more fully and enjoy richer relationships with others, as well as create opportunities and earn you respect. I have also realised that being humble doesn’t mean to think less of yourself, it actually simply means to “think of yourself less”. You can have a great self-esteem and at the same time never brag or make a big deal of yourself to others. In fact, it’s most often the people with a low self-esteem that feel the need to do that in order to make themselves feel better…

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  3. Hi Saania☺️, The quote said it perfect, It is hard to be humble with the society we are living in. Great point to add. “Think of yourself less ” and followed by a neat explanation. Thank you so much for adding such valuable points ✨☺️ Thanks for your time ✨✍️


  4. Very well said Simon 🙂 People often mix between self confidence and arrogance, they often tend to belittle others if they have less or if they are not that popular or cool, it’s the reason for bullying in schools and high schools, people think they have the right to hurt others because the have money, fame or good looks…Actually all this fade and what matters is how you treat other people and how much you can change someone’s life or day for the best…The quote is so good and it’s so right! We need to count our blessings, we need to stay humble because we might wake up having nothing! But we’ll always have our good heart and beautiful soul if we decided to
    Great share 🙂

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  5. Nice advice Simon. I love it when people joke like “I know I’m great that’s why you like me.” but it’s kind of disgusting when they are seriously putting so much effort and go out of their way to compliment themselves. Like the “proud dad” example. That’s what my mother would say.

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  6. Hey Jessica, ☺️Thanks for your time🤗, Glad you liked it ✨😃. Like you said there are lot more examples out there in society. Lets be humble and think less about ourself and be a living inspiration ✨☺️✍️ Have a great day ✨🤗

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  7. Seriously🤔 Ilona is an Extrovert, Love to hang out with her friends, she is on holiday, she will be doing her dream job in months. she loves to travel and take photography. She is on detox diet process. She make wise thoughts into posts everyday, She collects these manga toys and someother toys. What else did i miss🤔 Ah yes ! you are a women😉 and you are getting old😳, you dyed blond straight hair green eyes. 🙄. Done 🤔✨ Finally she is a Humble continuous motivator and a supporter in our blogging world.✨

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  8. Oho, inspired me for the rest of the day, i’m honestly surprised, that you remembered all of these things about me, someone got good memory, you seems observing a lot😁🌈

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  9. Hi Huguette, How do i find ths in Bin🙄🤔 I have no idea how it is here 😳. But thanks for your time, how we make someone feel matters at the end. Being humble and grateful is good for us and people around us. Glad you liked it and for this interation. Have a Good Day !✨✍️🤗


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