Job is Life?


Do you work, i mean having a real JOB?

So how do you work? Do you work with peace? Are you happy with personal life?

Let me show you areas i concern….

  • People took their Job seriously, Its good
  • They work like ignoring their health, Not good
  • They work over time even if they didn’t get paid for it
  • They get far from love and relations.
  • They get obsessed with Job & responsiblities
  • Society says you are only a MAN if you have a JOB
  • For your education you have to earn in millions
  • You are a girl you won’t get job anywhere else, stick with this Job.
  • Eventually they get ready to get sick with all unwanted dieseases and ready to spend all money they earned

Think about our ancestors. They didnt had a corporate Job, Government Job or They didnt had a permanent Job at all. They worked to survive, they were multi skilled, they found/created their own opportunities. And most of them did Live healthy peaceful life.

Here what i want you to see…

  • Job is only a source of income
  • If there is no inner peace and happiness, Then you are on a wrong JOB
  • There are plenty of opportunities in the world
  • Stop looking at one way road, If you are an accountant, you only can do an accountant JOB. Who said that? it’s we who created a structure for easy JOB hunting.
  • You have trillions of ways to earn good money for your basic needs, and sometime more than you earn now with your basic smart skills.

So, my personal opinion is🙂

Stop thinking this world as small. Come out of box and Think Out of Box. The world is big, the opportunities are plenty, Create your opportunities or Find the right job where you can be happy, peaceful and have that inner peace.

Enjoy your Life with JOB.

Thanks for reading. 🤗✨

Wish you all a Great Week✨ Happy Day✨

I respect everyone’s thought and feelings, i have a different opinion you have a different opinion. It’s good to share our thoughts each other.

Pass on your thoughts in the comment box. Hugs 🤗


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