The Day we met Memories 😍 – Part 2

Hello Everyone !

Let me take you all to Jan 27th 2013. The day i met my best half for the second time.

It may take some 5 mins to complete. A little long post.

Look how bad my time was, Feb 1st was my engagment and on 25th Jan 2013 i was hit by an auto. Not a bad hit, My helmut saved my head a slight air crack on my left leg. Thats an another long story. Let me take you to the day we met.

This is the short texting version of us on that evening.

Hey! Can we meet this evening?

Why suddenly?

You said today we can meet right?

Yes, I did. But who is going to come with you. Can you drive alone?

Nobody is coming. Im alone & i can manage. Told you the injury is not that bad.

Ok, lets meet. But where?

i’ll have to find a restaurant nearby. wait.

ok ok.

I sent her the location

Orion restaurant, near your usual cab drop place.

ok ok

what time your cab will come?

by 6:45 da

oh ok. let me get ready 😉 Kind of excited 😁

hmm, come carefully.


I got up from my bed. Looked at my feet. It was looking fine, Same old stick legs (I was thin as a stick😉) Stop imagining!. My hairy legs covered with some bandages 😂 Looked totally fine with medical makeover. slowly removed by bedsheet and looked at my phone time is now 5:45 pm only. I am going to meet her i must look good. That “looking good” kept ringing in my head. Looking at the mirror combing my hair styling it to look so perfect like a model. There 🥺 i get tired of my hair disobeying me. Slowly walked out of my room and took a left to jump inside the bathroom.

Seriously?🤔 no not this big .. make it half the bandage.

Kept my injured leg outside and standing with one leg like a martial art teacher i started washing my face. Got back to my room. That awkward walk i still remember how i walked in order to save my injured leg. Looked in the mirror now the dull face looked a little bright with the super wash. Decided to wear a tshirt but my skinny body will look more skinny and what she will think of me? dressed up in a pressed white shirt and black pant and took a mini bath with perfume stuff and looked at the time it was 6:10 pm only. Why the time is running so slow? i wish i could travel time now🤔. I came out of my room with my bike key. Oh then i realised with this leg how am i going to put gear and drive🤔. There my life saver brother scooty calling me 😃 i took my brother scooty.

My mom called me (She doesnt know im going to meet her)

where you going?

She did 🥺

here comes my police, investigation🥺 what am i supposed to say. My brother was grinning at the corner.

I replied

hmm, I’m going to meet my friend. I’ll come in some minutes.

you know this Mom materials are never get satisfied with a single answer. there she shot the next question, inspector mode.

Don’t your friend knew you got injured? can’t he come here?

I grunted mom it’s just 5 km he is nearby only and he doesn’t know the way.

She replied.

Ok you can ask your brother help to drop you right?

I smiled now.

Maaa pls understand. Let me go bye!! i said and started my Scooty. Vroom.

Stop that! i was driving a bike🤨

No helmut and a smooth drive both mirrors turned to face me. I was looking at my mirror like dozen times while driving. Holding my messy hair to look perfect.

Didnt bother about anything around. Reached near the restaurant around 6:30 pm. Wearing a white shirt and black pant and a casio watch. Looked like perfect gentlemen i beleived.

Kept combing my hair wiping the oil from my face looking around, looking at my watch. Damn why the time is slow? i think I’m getting nervous. And my calm brain became messy with thoughts. How im looking? what she will think? She will be tired from work? What ill order for her ? Ohhh im confused. Heart beating and the Time was super slow like living in every milli seconds as a minute sigh!! When will she come🤔.

Looking at every cab crossing me and wondering, These IT companies invest so much on these many cabs and they sack employees as cost cutting 🤔 hmmm….

Yep thats me looking at my watch for a dozen times 😜

Looking at the busy road i started to get bored and losing the excitement, Restaurant security looked at me weird. I thought do i look that bad 🥺. Wat kind of look that is ? Huh ! I kept looking at the road, these busy people mechanical life left and right all are fast as if like going for a war. Indeed work is a war isn’t it? but going home also 🤔 May be with their wife or husband it still is war 😉.

A white Cab with a sky blue crossed symbol with her company name on it stopped near me. Here she comes 😍My heart was beating loud i could hear it in my ear. My time stood still for a while reading her from head to toe in micro milli seconds.

There she is slowly stood up from the blue coloured seat took a left and got down from her Cab. That curly hair, a smile with a wisdom tooth, And a white colour Kurti with a white color shawl.Adjusting her green colour bag on her left side shoulder and adjusting the shawl on her right side, and she wore a green coloured medium heel slipper. Got down from the cab closed the door and looked at me and she gave me a cute smile. Releasing myself from the stuck time.

i managed to say Hi with my soft voice. then i managed again and make it deep Hi.

Now she heard me, She replied

Hi, how are you?

Hi, Im fine, Is the Cab late today or is it the usual time?

Cab late today, stuck near koot road junction.

Oh! Tats fine then. So this is your usual time from office?

Yes, Sometimes soon, it depends on traffic.

She looked reserved, she mustve thought why this guy is asking so many questions, Even i felt the same because she looked so shy and boys are generally worse at managing such situations and so do i.

She asked, Where you got injured you look fine!

I’m totally fine, here look at my left leg. The only place i got hit. Nothing major.

Dont you feel the pain while walking? Doctor adviced to not to walk right?

I know☺️, and i feel sitting dead bored in bed the whole day. Come on lets have some dinner and talk about it.

Hmm sure. She replied.

I walked in front, That weird looking watchman is now smiling at me, I Opened the door for her. She entered inside then i followed. We both entered the restaurant. Nobody were there. We were the first customer.

I decided a perfect time for my first meet with my soon to be wife 🥰

We entered took the very first table. She kept her bag aside and looked at her phone. She must be shy so i dont want to force her to look at me.

I asked what we will have ?

Lime soda

I have ordered a fruit juice and asked her

What u think? Shall we have dinner ?

No, i have not informed my mom about our meet. So she will be waiting for me with the dinner.

Ok, Then what is your dinner?

Mostly chappathi or Dosa with tomato gravy.

oh great! Chapathi is my favourite one. I hardly eat rice at night and its totally unhealthy.

She must have thought im a total health freak by now. Come on Simon🥺, what are you doing? my mind asked me.🤦

She replied, Oh you like chapathi, its good.

She was looking at her watch. I asked

Bothered about getting late to home?

Yes, It’s getting late. Please dont mind, i have to reach home on time.

No worries, i’ll drop you.

No, No. what if anyone saw you. My dad will take things wrongly.

Oh come on! i’ll drop you way before your house you don’t even have to bother. Cover your face with your shawl.

She smiled and hmm, will think about it. let the juice come.

And there the juice came. Damn you people, Can’t you take some more time to prepare a Juice. I thought to myself. I Collected and gave her limesoda and i had my mixed fruit juice from her.

I asked, So your dad came yesterday.

Yeah he told me, you were fine. And you also assured him no need to change engagement dates.

Yes, it wasnt a big injury, see i can stand and walk a little. im only going to stand in that stage right.

She replied Hmm and started sipping her drink fast, i could feel that she is in a hurry.

Slow, slow dear i’ll drop you if it’s late. Dont you bother about time.

She smiled at me Yes and quickly finished it. Followed her i quickly finished my fruit juice and i called the waiter for bill. I paid and watching her the whole time. She is nervous and this is out first public meet, i don’t want her to feel more uncomfortable. I decided to move.

I asked

Hey! We will go now.

Hmm, Thank you for this. she smiled.

Finally 🥰 She smiled. I was over expressive during that time. May be all the things about marriage kept me excited for months😉.

She Took her green bag, shoved it to her left shoulder and adjusting her shawl she got up. I walked up to the front, Opened the door for her. She walked out. I cursed the time now it ran fast like the flash, sigh!!

She came out and told she can walk and go and asked me to go home safely and text her.

I said, No problem, I would like you to come with me, i can drop you near your house in no time.

She says Not now, can we do this some other what if my parents see you.

Don’t worry, I’ll drop you somewhere close to your place. Not in front of your house.

Then fine!

She agreed 😀

Mission accomplished 🤗✨

Picker her up and she was silent on the total drive of 10 mins. I was very careful in driving and didnt want to startle her .

i dropped her near her house before a street. She says thank you and started walking.

A feeling of a great accomplishment. That made my day. Felt so happy. Even the moments were less than half hour, the first meet memories are always beautiful. A different feel . I cherish this priceless moment 😍✨🥰.

Hope i made this post readable. Thank you so much for reading✨🤗

Comment your thoughts 🤗 Would love to read 😍

23 thoughts on “The Day we met Memories 😍 – Part 2

  1. It’s only woww… I felt lucky to read this. It was like fiction but I’m so happy that it was reality. Such beautiful couple! May God shower on both of you all the happiness of the world 💗💗


  2. Hey, Simon! Very well written indeed, I really enjoyed reading that! It’s amazing how time goes so slow when we are getting ready for something and when the actual time arrives, it flies by so fast! Have a great day!😃🌞

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This was very well written, I could imagine that day, feel your tense and stress and loved the sense of humor and gifs you used as well 😁 I didn’t get this first meeting is for an arranged marriage you mean? Not so aware how things happen and so but loved the description you provided and glad things worked out and she’s now your wife 🙂 Greetings to her as well and best of luck 🙂 SO now I’m sure you will love the topic I nominated you for 😁 have a good weekend

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Hi Huguette, Thank you so much for spending that 5 mins in reading my personal story. ✨ Coming to tradition, A guy will first go to the girl house to see whether he likes her. Then they fix a date for betrothal. After few months or week the marriage happens. This is how it works here. In this gap both of them are not allowed to meet or talk in person in olden days. But times have changed now😉. And thats a seed for this real life story. Yes i loved the topic Grateful for nomination🥰. I hope i’ll come with a better quote.🤗✨

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow, very vell written, and I am so glad that I could feel it in my mind.
    Thank you for sharing like always. All the best of happiness and love for you both.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh I see, thank you for the clarification and information 😊 I’m so glad time has changed actually
    There are no better or worse quotes, I believe each one will be unique 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Haha I love how you described this lovely day, Simon. It’s funny and romantic. I can clearly feel the awkward first time between the two of you, or at least your nervousness.
    Throughout the story though, the name “Orion restaurant” keeps popping in my head. Please send me the address of that restaurant. I want to call them before coming to visit and tell them, Orion, the owner’s mom is dropping by to visit 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Hah! Here it is… See, this is why your son’s name is familiar in my head, I didn’t link with this day till now, now I did. Hope you enjoyed reading,🥰 This is a Lovely restaurant, let me know when you want to call, I’ll drop their number to you ☺️😄


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