Be YOU !

Hello Everyone !

Are you being YOU? Who are you copying then?

Not most of you are actually YOU. But many are and they are HAPPY.

Let me begin with some short stories.

1.An 18 year old lad wants to be a successful like his fellow college friend, But he really wants to be a doctor in heart. His friend is young and an entrepreneur at the age of 19 in a selling industry. To be successful,like him! he needed some money and same products like he did. So he copied, he did what he did, and he got successful too!

2.A 16 year old kid wants to be a lawyer. Her parents found engineering only gives a successful career, because someone else did🤦 She also studies engineering and forgets her dream of becoming a lawyer. After she did complete engineering and she got a job that she never dream of and her parents are happy. But is she happy ?

3.A girl wants to be just like her Dad, and be successful like her Dad. But she was forced to be like her mom stay at home be successful at studies get married get babies feed them and forget who she is and her dream. It’s like she is been erased!

Yes i will! Wait, what? are you mocking me? 🤔…. !

So what is happening? People are successful by losing who they really are or they are forced to copy others to be successful or they are forced to be like someone.

See the problem is, Everyone wants to be like someone. Be it Studies, Career, Passion, Religion, Culture. People follow others or forced to follow others. When they are unique and they are called “Weird”

So what we need to do?


Yes, Be it passion, dressing, culture, career, goals, life. We can’t live someone else’s life and we don’t need to. Everyone is having an unique way of living. We are human. and we are Unique. It is not mandate that we need to copy others to be successful.

You can be successful in anything you do, Just by being YOURSELF All you have to do is

  • Dedication
  • Hardwork
  • Consistency
  • Focus

“Success will chase you, no matter what. All you have to do is be YOURSELF” Embrace that little spark of madness. Don’t lose it.

Thanks for reading 🤗✨ and Be YOURSELF

Pass on your thoughts in the comment box, Would love to read. ✨🤗

20 thoughts on “Be YOU !

  1. That’s a serious issue for indian society specially. Parents force their dreams upon the children. But fortunately it’s changing now a days. Everyone is different with their unique qualities. I think we should choose career as per our interest. Nice post Simon.👍😊

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  2. This is a very inspiring post Simon and very well done as well 😊 the Gifs are funny and the quote is so true!
    The examples you gave are happening in daily basis this is why most people are not happy at all, they’re just surviving, not living…we should know whom we are and what we love and just do it, not easy but it’s the only way to reach the peace of mind and happiness in life
    Thank you for such important topic 😊 very well written and presented! ✨👏

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  3. Hi Hugutte 😃 Thats a BIG motivation for me🥰 Grateful🤗 … Glad you liked it. People are forcing their generations to follow someone instead of molding them who they are in real. People are realising it .. Changes will happen 😉✨Stay with Hope✨

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  4. we always hope things will become better with personal efforts and accomplishments of course…It’s always a pleasure reading important topics and participate 😊

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  5. Hey hey hey Simon, yes i’m being me more than ever, i use to copy other girls back time high school, but it was a long time ago. About first story, yes if you really want it deeply from the heart and you work for it until your last perspiration, i’m sure you can achieve it. About second story i have example from my real life, it was also a girl she wanted to an architect, i asked you way have you came to study so late, because she started to study at the same class as me, she said what she wasted 5 years because her parents are doctors and they wanted her to be a dentist, so at the end she wasted 5 years, she didn’t finished it, and at the end she finished architecture this year together with me and she was so happy when she was staying it, her face was so shiny from happiness, i asked why you are so happy always😁and she said because i love studying it. About third story i think as long as she is happy and fine with it okay, personally i couldn’t do that, i have to work, i can imagine stay home with babies, P.S. i love children and i think they can give a lot of good emotions and also we can learn from them a lot🤗👽🌈, I’m unique weird alien being and i dont let anyone to force me, but, i feel like i have to tell you something, since very young age my parents started to prepare me to be an architect i went to learn how to draw i think it was at the age 12, i’m not sure, well, so, they are both architects, they met at the university, so they wanted me to do an architect as well, which i’m, since this year, but in mu case i really love it and its very interesting for me🤗👽💚👍You are very welcome, loving the quotes by the way🤗🌈have a wonderful evening, best wishes and see ya soon i hope?🙄👽🤗

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  6. Hey Ilona ! Good to read your detailed comments. Love it when you revert on each points and stories. And the real story of your friend, Wow she is happy im glad. See this is what happens in real for most people. Glad your were so constructively enjoyed the way your parents wants you to be, happy for you🤗. Sure many people love babies, Nothing wrong in it, But forcing someone to do something they do not wanted to is sad. By the way you are an alien Indeed 😜. You are unique ! You are embracing that little spark of madness… so…. Stay weird! ✨Be YOU✨

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  7. Good morning Simon, when i have time i like to take my time to write long comments🙂🤗yes Simom many people are forced to do what they dont like, because parents want them to do it to get a bettet life😎🤗thank you for me is the biggest compliments this kind of words🙂🤗happy to have you in thia community🤗🙂have a wonderful day cant wait what you will come next with😊

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  8. Hey Ilona ! Thanks for your time. 🤗 Happy to Have YOU and from the day 1 you give compliments and responds to each of our comments and embrace the beautiful comments to the world by reposting it. Im Lucky that i found you. Keep Inspiring us. 🤗✨✍️

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  9. As a student I know these issues and I can understand in much better way. Being honest my parents encourage me in what I love to do. As I said you I want to be a writer and I feel that they give me the fullest support and love what I need. I have seen my friends too, someone what to be an athlete, a painter, a fashion designer etc. But there parents don’t allow them and finally there dreams are buried in a mud of pressure and blackmail.
    Hope people understand and enjoyed reading your post. 😀😯

    Have a nice day.

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  10. Being yourself in this incredible world of diversity can be difficult. You may be living as the person people see you as, but deep down you may be envisioning yourself as a different person entirely. Oscar Wilde once said with his usual wit- “Be yourself, as everyone else is already taken.” As humorous as this might seem, it is a basic summation of the truth. In the story you mentioned, will the 16 year-old girl ever be satisfied with her life? Absolutely not, if she is living a life as a person that is just not ‘her’. It is indeed a shame that our daily lives consist of absorbing unrealistic expectations from other people around us for what we SHOULD look like, how our jobs SHOULD be, and how are life is SUPPOSED to be lived. And so we just try to fit in, go with the flow, be liked, and be accepted by other human beings, where the only person who wouldn’t accep us is us. People have wasted much of their lives trying to please others, but when there is an internal imbalance, you can never be happy, and a voice of concern will be clamouring for a change. For this, it is so important to stay true to who you are.
    “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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  11. Indeed ! It is difficult. I see people are different and living an easy life. Not trying anything difficult and thats a point trying to let people come out of being them and take some risk. Thank you so much for your TIME✨ and the valuable comment. I loved both of your quotes. Both are new to me. Being true to ourself is tough, Being ourself is tough. And when we try, then called as weird and loser. Let’s try together to make the people a better version ✨😉✍️

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  12. I love the gifs and quotes. The post itself is tragically true but inspiring. And you know what, I’d rather be weird as long as I can be myself. Actually, I was called a freak back in my teens hahaha 😀
    Oh and another quote would fit here:

    “Be yourself, everyone else is taken” -not sure said it.

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