The Other Side -“A”

Hey Everyone!

I would like to take you all to the other side.

Don’t imagine, this is not going to be a sci-fi post.

Sunday ! Many of us wouldve woke up late, or early and go church, clean the house, organise things, go for shopping, a delicious lunch with family and take rest. This is it, isn’t it? did i miss anything? Don’t bother i am not going to edit this post. 😜.

I’ll take you to the other side. For that close your eyes. Wait, What? how will you read my post then🤔? Start your imagination with your eyes wide open.

This is Character “A” on a sunday.

Woke up 3 am in the morning, Wash the face wear something call his/her company take the bike rush to the market. The market is busy at 4:15 am fresh stocks have come, fishes straight from sea. Fight within crowds, bargain the price with dealer use all the earnings of yesterday and buy some four boxes of different kind fishes. Find a Tempo, time is 5:15 Am, Rush back to the market time is 6:20 am. Open the shop quickly bring down the stocks, Tempo person is asking too much price, fight with him, negotiate, finally pay his cab charge, tired from morning without even a breakfast, Opens the shop Open the boxes arrange the fishes based on its kind. People already started coming into markets. The people who not even open their mouth at hyper markets for anything they charge and blindly swipe their card, Will fight & negotiate the prices here. They never the knew pain gone through and the investments made and how fish sellers sit here selling fishes in this smell without even having anything since morning. There comes the “TEA” by 8 am, The first breakfast of a fish seller, find some time between the gaps and have a bread and tea to ease the hunger, market is open till 3 pm until the stocks all sold out or packed back into ice boxes. The profit is not like last sunday, Only got minimal profit had to invest back this earnings but taking some for this week needs and for the family and kids, Lunch at 4 or 5 pm. Lie down in their small box house not thinking anything about tmrw closes the eyes for a temporary rest.

There the busy fast sunday of character A.

We knew very little of what they been through and sitting there. They are not going to invest those money in stock market, or build a hyper market next to your house. Every single paise or cents they get for their hard work is a miracle for them. Be that Miracle 😉

Thanks for reading so far. Pour your thoughts on the comment. Would come back with Other side of Character B very soon.

15 thoughts on “The Other Side -“A”

  1. I like this post very much. I live in Newfoundland, in a fishing village. Most people are unaware of the hard work involved in the fishery.
    Let us always be aware of the hard work that goes into the production of all food.
    A very sensitive post. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Some powerful message you delivered here Simon 👍 each person is struggling with their life and some are working hard to have a decent life! Nowadays big markets are ruling over and small businesses are struggling to succeed, we must encourage these people that are working very hard to put food on table!
    Great message and well put 👍

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  3. Got here because you prevented me from reading character B before I could start. 😀

    Yes, this is so true. I come from a poor family and I’m currently struggling with the economy and this post is very empowering.

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