Wrong Inspirations – Part 2

Hello Everyone!

This is part 2 of wrong inspirations. If you haven’t read part 1 i would love to suggest you to visit and comment. Click the below link for a hyper jump and see part 1. https://penonsite.wordpress.com/2019/06/16/wrong-inspiration-version-1/

We have seen how young kids fall into wrong inspirations part 1 and how it made them feel regret.

Today will see How adults fall for wrong inspirations, There are lot of wrong inspirations people fall into. Im here to talk about few things i noted very frequent around me.

Number 1: Share market

Someone got a huge jackpot, lot of motivational videos, inspired? Dont do ! There is good and bad. People inspire and learn and research then they do this. Some greedy people invest without any prior experience and listening to some brokers they invest and fall into serious debt.

Number 2: Work extra hours forget family, you have time.

People wrongly inspired by some workaholic colleague and will work for 12 to 14 hours instead of their usual 8 or 9 hours. This is sometimes insisted by their bosses. So what happens? You might miss your beautiful moments with your wife when she is pregnant. You might miss your kid first walk, kid first time calling you mama/papa. Your kids will have no memories of you all their childhood. Your colleagues will say you have time. NO. Your time is NOW. Your kids will grow up and will show no love towards you. They will say when i need you you were chasing money. Now i need to chase money.

Number 3: Spendthrifter

These are special one’s misunderstood A beautiful inspiration “Live the moment” People spend money like anything, You give them million dollars they have million ways to spend in a day they are also called spendthrift. If you ask them, they have only one moto ” Live the moment” Are they nuts? Being so careless about future and their family.

Money, Time, Fame Needs hard work and inspirations. But all these are to be spent wisely once earned. There is no age to do all this, you can do it anytime. But how you do it without losing anything “MATTERS“.

Thank you for reading πŸ€—

If you have any kind of comments in your mind just flow it like a water on my comment box. I always loveπŸ₯° to read.. πŸ€—


11 thoughts on “Wrong Inspirations – Part 2

  1. Something came to my mind after reading this_ money can’t buy you happiness. I agree to your words. Thanks for sharing such inspirational post.😊🌸🌸

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  2. again it’s a very good idea to publish how people are wrongly inspired and you discussed very important points, we need to be wise and not fall for anything we see or some wrong actions like investing blindly, spending money blindly and working in a way that we don’t have time with our loved ones and then we regret and so go on…
    Great points made and hope people will be aware of the people they consider as their idols or inspirations!
    Have a good day 😊

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  3. Hi Huguette, I must appreciate the time you invest on reading and giving valuable and motivational comments.Glad you had some time today or should i say thank you for making some time for us bloggers. Lucky to have such blogger friend. πŸ€—

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