Wrong Inspiration Version 1

Hello Everyone!

Ask yourself this question.

Who and What Inspired you? And What did you follow?

90% of us will give a positive response.

According to age, What they adapt by inspiring differs.

Yes! A Little more.. Be prepared 😉

I am here to write about what MUST NOT be inspired, Negative Inspirations.

Let me start with few examples from Young people Point of view.

Number 1: Smoking

How people get inspired with these things? When i asked a kid why do you smoke and who inspired you, He simply says i copied from my dad it’s a pride you know making me feel like a boss!😲 Another kid says my friend/bro inspired me i want to be like him😲

What ? pride? Friend/bro inspired? Blind inspirations 🤦You no boss kid! and u will be killed by cancer. I threated them both will all possible Truth, I have made many people stop smoking and i’m proud of it🤓

Number 2: Playboy/Playgirl

Oh! Thats sweet 😁 Being a boy/girl you can play with lot of girls/boys life. Wrong kid, Totally Wrong! Just because you are charming or handsome or beautiful with everything perfect, You cannot play with others emotions. Remember there is something called Karma, You will realise that very soon.

Number 3: Respect

All of a sudden, Some kids become super smart and they want to be on their own, They disobey their parents, Teachers, family, Bunk classes, Take a fight with other Kids, You will never be a Hero/Boss whatever you call it. If you disobey and talkback you just end up hurt them, Do you realise? NO!

This is their attitude when i tried to explain things to a kid🤦

Doing these things during their Young age and they call themselves it’s my attitude is so normal. They get bad attitude inspirations from google too 🤔Hope Mr.Sundarpichai do something about it

But When they grow up and look back all this, There will be so many Damages, You bite so deep kid, you leave scars.

You can try to heal. But the damage is done already. Scars will always be there. But you can move on, You will surely learn a lot lessons from it. Hold to that lessons and grow up in future.

Will do part 2 when i get time 😊

Thanks for reading.

If you agree or disagree, Do Comment 🤗 I’ll be grateful and i will correct myself.👍


17 thoughts on “Wrong Inspiration Version 1

  1. Our brains are wired to pick up negativity much faster than positivity. We must become good role models for our children.
    Looking forward to the episode 2 😊

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  2. Interesting topic!
    Control over our lives is something we all want. But in a universe in which everything is mutually interdependent, none of us have absolute control over anything, unfortunately including ourselves. Everyone’s life-condition tends towards the average of those around them, and so it’s so easy to get negatively influenced, as you mentioned in the start. And the example you mentioned about kids learning to smoke is just so sad, in order to seem ‘cool’ they will be ‘inspired’ by their friends which is certainly the wrong kind of influence. And the sad truth is that they think, at present, that they are cool and ‘with the gang’ but later on, as you rightly said, all decisions will be later to lament. In reality I’ve realised that’s it’s so important to choose the kind of people you be with, and the kind of company you are under. You stay with mediocre, low IQ, witless people, you become like them over time. You stay with sincere, high thinking, intellectual people, then you get the right kind of influence on yourself. Great post 👍

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  3. Well explained 👏 Thanks for ur words Saniaa. As you said clearly none of us have absolute control, But it is important to choose right kind of people to be with. Right influence will keep u right ✨✍️ Thanks for your time 😊✨

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  4. No it is not. It is ok to type long, we are bloggers if we are lazy to read and write we cant do blogging right 😉 It is not late YET. Just 10:15 pm. We usually start 11 to bed.

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  5. First I liked the Gifs especially the cat which is the attitude of kids you’re speaking to 😀 If I had this attitude I would have hanged them hahahah oh well I’m not so patient! You’re doing a great work but doing your best to help these lost kids wrongly inspired! It’s all about education and proper one! Few are receiving proper education these days and they’re receiving wrong information and wrong inspiration and of course wrong idols! they don’t have good examples to follow starting from home…which is the most important place I believe!
    These small things you are doing all are appreciated and important, we hope that kids will learn before ruining their entire life
    Thank you for sharing!

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  6. Hi Huguette☺️ Thank you so much for the time 😀 I’ll join you, no patience here too, so i stopped doing it, but my hand talked with few kids later 😂. Well said, starting from home .. Most important place. I wish these kids realise their mistakes soon ☺️ Thank for the appreciation 🤗

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  7. Hi Saania! I nominated you for Blogger recognition award. Hope you are free. Eagerly waiting to read your story. No problem if u r not interested.😉 All the best 👍


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