Why so serious?

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all had a great week start.

Luckily i got some free time today, so thought of why not a post😉 to help whoever reads now may get a boost 😊

Are you are having a bad day? Are you so serious about it now? Don’t be ! Let me help you.

Oh! Come on! i havent started yet ☺️

What is that thing bothering ? Is that your boss?

Ever thought of your boss with a mickeymouse head? 😂 Can you imagine? I do 🤣 and it’s hilarious

Or is it your target of the day?

It is just a number isn’t it? Focus on what you are doing, it supposed to come if it is achievable. If it isn’t no problem, Your boss trying to get the best out of you. Don’t be worried.

Or is it your business? It’s an another day all you have to do is focus and work results will come.

We don’t even own the day? Why are we so worried about End of day or tomorrow. Take it lite🤷.

I tried… 😉It works… 👍

Comment your questions, scenario’s and correct me if im wrong or my tips if it doesn’t workout ✨😉👍


17 thoughts on “Why so serious?

  1. I guess eventually it’s true, we shouldn’t be that serious and ruin our day! But in the middle of it, it’s a bit hard to apply but at least we can try not to lose our mind or go crazy as a first step and if we could do better than that (like taking things easy and laugh on them) then we do it, but for me it’s enough to face the issues and try to understand and solve, it’s a logical solution I guess 🙂 have a good day and thank you for sharing 😁

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  2. A very uplifting post.
    Worry is what annoyingly gnaws away at people as they try to work, enjoy life, and relax. This is why most of us lack sufficient free time to escape to some mountaintop temple to follow our bliss! For this it is so important to live in the present. Life unfolds in the present. But so often, we let the present slip away, allowing time to rush past unobserved and unseized, and squandering the precious seconds of our lives as we worry about the future and ruminate about what’s past. “We’re living in a world that contributes in a major way to mental fragmentation, disintegration, distraction, decoherence,” says Buddhist scholar B. Alan Wallace. What this means is that we’re always doing something, and we allow little time to practice stillness and calm. While this is very much easier said than done, people who do practice this are much happier, more exuberant, more empathetic, and more secure. There is an entire philosophical study on the concept of ‘mindfulness’, which is a state of active, open, intentional attention on the present.

    (Sorry for the rather long comment, and have a good day ahead!)

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  3. First, Thanks for your time in delivering your thoughts so neat Saniaa. I am glad i am posting something useful. Thanks for this motivation. You have given me an interesting topic to read on” intentional attention”. And you shared a valid point “Mental fragmentation” also referred people multi tasking all the time. Thanks for your patience and time in sharing this.🤗✨ You made this post even more special with your thoughts and additional information. 👍 .. ✍️

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