Hello Everyone!

Following story is based on a special crime story. All the characters are fictional. And i swear i did not hurt any animals or reptiles or any living species in real. If it hurt anyone my sincere apologies and this is my disclaimer.😁

Inspired from a buried joke from the year 1607 BC 😉

Here it goes….

Sam walking into the room and finds a big spider on the right corner of the room.

Sam: Spider 😵😵😵😵

Spider : After all these years glad you called me🥰 ROOMMATE

Our eight legged hero is running towards our Sam in love 😍

Sam: Throws his shoe on the spider

It hurt spider🥺, Last words of spider (I spent all these years thinking you were my roommate🥴)

Moral : Please consider others feeling, and don’t hurt your roommates.

Thank you for reading 😁

28 thoughts on “Roommate🤪

  1. no, i thru it to outside the house, i have with superstitious thing, to kill the spider means bad lack 🙂 well or to hurt but after the hurt i’m not sure he could survive, so i prefer to take his out 🙂

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  3. This was hilarious. 😂 And, your disclaimer! I was wondering why you put that first.

    Luckily, you’ve had only spiders as roommates and not rats.

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  4. Luckily 😂😂. Yes I have only spiders now, recently cockroaches are joining,🙄 I’m trying to stay away from them, they always find where I hide in bed 😜 then guess, smash them as a welcome party 😉✨ Thanks for reading 🤗


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