Girl Barriers – Version 1

Hey everyone!

I wanted to ask this question to myself and i personally request to ask yourself.

In the country i live in right now, i love to voice out for so many barriers that girls wanted to break. do u?

If you think the current generation is not like that anymore? You are wrong !

There are lot of girls still struggle to complete their degree. Why? Their parents didnt wish her daughter to go or they dont have money or a common thing that ends their education “marriage“.

Marriage is part of life. It supposed to be decided on their own. It must not be forced. A girl complete her graduation with so much dreams. She wants to earn, develop, grow in career, reach many heights, make her parents proud, help her parents and support them till their end on her own. This is just a part of their dream.

IF she didnt get a job, she gets married and it goes to a next chapter.

IF she gets a job, she works for some years in a same company or in a short time she grow and reach a position. Here comes the topic “marriage“. She is okay with it or not okay with it. Her career post marriage is becoming a question mark. Luckily some girls post marriage leads a successful life both personally and officially. But the other category they either continue their job post marriage until she gets pregnant or if she didnt get pregnant she loses her job because they say this job is one of a reason for her pregnancy or they just quit because they got married and take care of house.

They are not born to take care of their husband house and kids, they didnt born just to get pregnant and take care of kids. What is wrong? Why the husband must work and wife should stay home? Why they should sacrifice their education and career and what for ? I see some girls voluntarily do this. Quit their job and take care of their family. I will not.oppose that. Its completely their wish.

But i would say, yes it is going to be difficult post marriage balancing both personal and official life. But that’s only a short phase of life. Maybe two to five years? Post that? you girls will regret your decision or the decision they made you take.

I only wish girls should give equal importance to both their personal and official life. And people whoever thinks girls are a house care material or a mother thing i seriously oppose that. Im so proud of my friends who does it effortlessly, i sincerely appreciate all of them and proud to watch them grow to greater heights.

Thanks for reading 😎. Pass on your valuable comments on my penning thoughts.

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