The day we met – MEMORIES 😍

Hi everyone !A small part of my life that i keep remembering and it is always my “moment to remember”.The kind i convey here may not be that interesting.It was December 2012. I was working in Nandhangaadu-Marthandam. I got a call from my mom near a weekend. She was asking me to come chennai. There is a girl they wanted me to see, only IF i am okay they will talk with her parents. (Marriage πŸ˜‹). I hesitated and excited at the same moment. I asked her to send me picture. She said we dont have any picture if you want to see come or else leave it. I was saying some silly excuses like i dont have leave how can i come suddenly. She simply replied if only i interested i can come.So after a day, i suddenly decided booked ticket and informed mom about it. That night i had myself a beer and a smoke and i departed in a semi sleeper from marthandam. Early morning around 6:45 i was dropped at perungulathur. Booked an auto and reached home. Not so excited about meeting my parents. I was keep thinking how am i going to face her. And so many questions were running in my mind. Refreshed myself got ready. Only myself mom and dad started from home in our car.Reached her place like around 9 am my aunt was der. It was a small dead end street. Her house was on right side. Her father did welcome all. I was excited inside, tried to maintain a blank face. Mom.and dad went inside. Me and my aunt sat in a chair. I was blank and silent. Her mom gave tea and snacks. I was having tea relaxing myself. Then they suddenly called her.That Moment, it wasn’t like cinema. I was blank. She came out wearing a gold and brown coloured dotted churidhar with a jimikki earring. That calm small eyes, a partial curly hair braided, her small smile i noticed her uneven teeth which i loved the most cause it added her beauty. A moment i wish my time froze.People broke my moment, i was annoyed inside my mind voice was like ” Come on ! Let me see her face some more time”.My aunt asked me to talk with her. I asked some silly questions for sake of asking like what she studied and where she works. Everytime she replied My time was running super slow, superstitious observing her and everyone.That time there were two kids peeping out from her room, passing some comments. My aunt asked me did i like her. I couldnt hear her question and asked her again. She asked again i said “YES”. How can i say no? I felt something, and i felt this is the moment.My mom,dad said we will go home and call them. Then we all walked out, i came back as i missed my purse. It was there on chair i sat i took it, i said her bye and came out.The first question i asked my aunt what is her name. Everyone was busy coming inside the car, didnt respond to me. They were asking how she is. I said she looks very nice and what is her name ? Everyone looking at their face each other and started laughing. We didnt know her name 🀣. I wanted the name desperately. Asked the aunt to get down from car and ask the name. But my mom says we will tell you after we talk to their parents.I got her name like after two days. My super curious mind kept calling my aunt until she tells me her name. “Nisha” We got engaged in Feb 1st 2013.Thanks fot reading. πŸ₯°


  1. Hi Jessica ✨πŸ₯° Thought you will read later sometime, didn’t expect so soon πŸ˜„ this is my story of marriage 😁 won’t be that exciting β˜ΊοΈπŸ’

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  2. Mid Good night, or Early Good morning πŸ˜‰ I’m sure you are awake or early or not slept at allπŸ˜‰ Take good care, have a beautiful weekend βœ¨πŸ’πŸ€—


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