Past Regrets – Time Travel

Hey everyone !

Welcome to my blog!

This is my first post, Self motivated by reading one of my bestie’s blog. I’ll be penning my random thoughts that i hope will make you think and read again.

I’m literally not a great scientist or even a beginner to talk about time travel.

So Time travel as a title, my point here as follows.

Time travel can do wonders.

i8Agree ?

We have lot of fantasy inspirations from the latest “Avengers End Game”,”The Flash” web series, and “Back to the future” …. And so many.

Going back to the past and changing the past as we desire do have lot of consequences as shown on movies.

Let’s imagine, We “X” had a bad past “A” and we travel back to past and created “A+”. This will have following consequences like erasing your current “X” and create a new “X”.

That means, you will become a new You, two possiblities of worse and too good. And you never knew which one are you until you become.

Coming out of this imagination part, the point im here to talk about, people who stick with the past and drown.

I would like to loudly say Past is PAST. Let’s forget it.

But here is the challenge.

Many of us stick with our past regrets and take a hard time to move on.

So what we really get ?

  1. You will look aged
  2. Your brain attracts to all negativite thoughts
  3. You will look sick, depressed
  4. Will lose concentration
  5. Wrong decisions

Who wants to look like this? Physically and mentally sick?

See the point is Past, the more we stick to it the more we injure ourself. It doesn’t going to change until you change something to replace the past.

How do you replace ?

You have a bad past, so be it.

What’s next ? Just go for it. Never look back.

There is a lesson in each past – write down and remember what that past taught you.

Not the painful memories, but a lesson that can drive you good future.

Did you stuck with the past?

Like Mel Robbins says “5 4 3 2 1” Forget it.

Let’s move on, write your next goal.

What is your goal ? How you going to do it? What you will get ? And within what timeline ? Everyday have a look at this goal.

So many things to keep you busy. Do some work at home or workout at Gym. If you are not good at physical activity, Read books, Listen to songs and lot more.

You don’t need a person or to read some silly blogs like you read now to bring you out of Past regrets.

It’s only YOU are going to do it

Just YOU !

Be YOU ! and Move On !

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